Readings & Workshops

I absolutely love to meet students, teachers and librarians in schools!

During my interactive reading sessions I first read my book and followed by all information about the making of “Friendship is about Dubai”. The students are always highly interested in seeing the transformation of first sketches and hand written notes into a book ready to be read in their library. My presentations are accompanied by the original printing plates that were used during the print run of “Friendship Is About Dubai” and students learn about every step in a printing press with a variety of hands on materials.

Get your students inspired by Okelani, Dina, Lou and Tarun! Creative writing workshops for Year 3 to Year 5 are based on my writing experiences and result in creative story plots that will lead to amazing narrative writing pieces.

If you are interested in my reading sessions or workshops, please contact me. I am happy to customize the sessions as per your requirements.